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The king of filter materials-activated carbon filter

Time: 2021-03-03

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The king of filter materials-activated carbon filter

Regardless of the reverse osmosis RO water purifier with the highest filtration accuracy, or the ultrafiltration machine, nanofiltration machine with not so high filtration accuracy, or even the relatively tasteless filter kettle, there is also a filter element design with activated carbon adsorption effect.


No matter what kind of water purification equipment, what kind of water treatment method, as long as it is basic or advanced treatment of water, it is inseparable from the activated carbon filter element.


Activated carbon has a wide range of applications, and even the popular air purifiers on the market play an important role. Activated carbon has strong applicability, high cost performance, and excellent adsorption performance. Let’s talk about the activated carbon filter in depth today!


1. Activated carbon and activated carbon filter element:


Activated carbon is a man-made material. There are currently thousands of types of activated carbon, and the source material is also different. Activated carbon integrates adsorption and filtration to effectively remove some organic matter, residual chlorine and other impurities in the water. The filtration effect is considered to be an ideal filter material. As for the activated carbon used in water filtration equipment, it is obvious that the production materials of nut shells are safer and harmless, and the use of drinking water is more assured. Among them, activated carbon made of coconut shell is more environmentally friendly and has a more obvious effect of improving taste.


Second, the classification of activated carbon filters


The activated carbon of the filter element is made by firing the shell of the fruit. It is necessary to pulverize the activated carbon into powder particles during processing. There are the following two types of activated carbon filter elements.


1. Bulk activated carbon filter element


Pour the required activated carbon particles into a special food-grade plastic or ceramic shell, and then glue or weld both ends. Bulk activated carbon has strong fluidity. In the process of making the filter element, if a non-woven filter is not used, the activated carbon particles will drop carbon powder and black water.

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2. Compressed activated carbon filter element


Compared with the bulk type, the compression type has relatively more processing methods. Activated carbon with high adsorption value is used as filter material, and it is calcined and molded with food-grade adhesive. When compressed activated carbon is made, a layer of non-woven fabric with filtering effect is required inside and outside of the shape to ensure that the filter element will not drop carbon powder and make the filtering effect better.


Three, the removal effect of various substances


Residual chlorine 96.3%, chemical oxygen consumption 44.3%, mercury 79.6%, iron 92.5%,


Oxide 67.5%, arsenic 38.8%, cyanogen 99.9%, phenol 79.4%.


Fourth, activated carbon supplement


1. Coconut shell activated carbon has better performance.


2. The filtering effect of activated carbon is far less than its own adsorption effect, and it adsorbs the residual chlorine, peculiar smell, color and organic matter in the water on the surface of the activated carbon.


3. In addition to the first filter activated carbon that absorbs various impurities, there is the last activated carbon mainly to improve the taste, adding the sweet taste of coconut shell activated carbon.


4. How to distinguish the quality of activated carbon? It can be identified by the combustion method. Take a little activated carbon and ignite it. If it turns black, it is a high-quality activated carbon, and it turns off-white or red it is made of charcoal.


5. Food grade material filter material is the better choice.


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